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Welcome Blinks Developers!

Congrats, you got your hands on a Move38 dev kit for Blinks!* Seriously, how did you do that?! There are so few in existence, roughly just 0.00000001% of humanity gets to experience what you’re about to! (Deep breath) Okay, we’ll settle down. Let’s just say, you’re special, and we thank you for that 🙂

Welcome to the Blinks Documentation! We’ve created this resource as a way for Blinks developers to have everything they should need at their fingertips to begin designing games for Blinks as quickly as possible.

If you just received your Dev Kit, your first stop should be the Quick Start Guide. It will help you understand the physical contents of your Dev Kit and also contains instructions on how to install the software and drivers you’ll need to develop Blinks games.

After you have all the libraries downloaded and installed, where you go next depends on how you like to work.

Functionality Guide - Learn exactly what your Blinks are capable of.

Games Primer - A list of game mechanics and categories that are currently being utilized.

Blinks API Reference - list of all the function calls that Blinks needs (it’s short, like really short)

Glossary - bare bones list of all function calls w/o parameters

External Resources

¡¡¡Blinks Discourse Forum!!! 🙂 - The Blinks developer community awaits 😍 🤠 🤗😨

Blinks Tutorials - Like tutorials? While we recommend the examples in the File/examples menu, sometimes the step by step is a little more helpful. Here’s a couple to get you started.

Blinks Source Code (GitHub Repo) - The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Tried Discourse and scoured the documentation but still have questions? Reach out at